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Cogent Controls manufacture custom made Electronic Instruments / Products, Energy Savers, Utility Instruments, Level Controllers, Process Control Equipments, Control Panels etc.

With years of continuous in-house R&D and hundreds of products of different varieties in operation, we at Cogent Controls offer you maximum dependability in terms of Quality, Reliability and Service.

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Cogent Controls is a customer-focused setup specializing in designing Electronic Industrial Control Equipments. We deliver solutions through products, people and services..
Cogent Controls offers Products that carry with a Warranty of One year from the date of Purchase to the customers.

We request all our customers to give a feed back[either phone call or email]  in case they face any issue with either the working or understanding of the Purchased Product. From our past experience we have learned that most of the issues are solved thru communication feedback. However in event of the issue not getting resolved we shall communicate as to how we reach a solution
Our Experts carry out field visits to understand customer’s requirements on mutually agreeable terms. The visit could be for new requirements, expansion/improvements of existing facility or could be for understanding of any particular process at the customer’s end.

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