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PLCT is a Multipurpose event Counter capable of accepting Input Pulse from :
a) 230 VAC : Limit Switches/Timer I/P etc.,
IR Sensor : IR Sensor Switches etc.
c) Potential free : Micro Switches/ Low Resistance
d) Proximity : Either NPN/PNP
PLCT can be reset from any count to 0000...from either the front Panel Reset Switch provided, or Incase the Counter is mounted in an accessible position Remote Reset terminal are provided behind the box. As far as possible please use twisted pair of wires with good tin plating in order to avoid any interference pickup.
SIZES : 96mm x 48mm x 110mm [6 OR 4 DIGITS] , 96mm x 96mm x 60mm [ 6 OR 4 DIGITS]

Auxiliary Supply :

230 VAC - 50Hz ± 10%

Power : @2.95 VA
Display : 0.5”, 7 Segment LED
Range : 0-999999(6 digit)
0-9999 (4 digit)
Reset : From front Panel Reset Switch
or Remote Reset from behind
Memory : Battery Backup
Dimensions : 48(H)X96(W)X110(D)-PLCT94
(in mm) 96(H)X96(W)X110(D)-PLCT96
Panel : 45(H)X92(W)-PLCT94
cutout (in mm) 92(H)X92(W)-PLCT96
Enclosure : Plastic Virgin ABS
Mounting : Panel Mounting
Weight : 630 gms

Connection Diagram


PLCT can be used to count the Operations/ no. of cycles / Strokes / Any other application, etc.
Typical Application Industries are :
Plastic, Pharma, Rubber, Bottling Plants, Sugar factories, etc.
In short PLCT can be used to count any Operations / Objects with required I/P pulses.

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